In 2015, Google rethought itself around machine learning

From Search through Translate to YouTube,
its services are powered by machine learning.


data >> code

I make state-of-the-art systems that
understand images and natural text using
data instead of code.


Computer Vision

Got some images to process? The sky’s the limit when deep learning is combined with traditional vision algorithms.

Natural Language Processing

I can make your software understand natural language better, no matter if it’s sentiment analysis, information extraction (i.e. named entity recognition), or something else that you need.

Guaranteed Results

After our free consultation session – if applicable – you will get a rough estimate of the expected performance. If the goal is not exceeded, you don’t have to pay.

On All Platforms

From smartphones through PCs to the cloud, I can apply machine learning to any of your projects where there is data.

Make your software stand out by giving it exceptional intelligence.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford