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I'm an aspiring developer interested in Android, GWT and Google App Engine. My programming languages of choice are Java, Python and C++. You can find my contact info at the bottom of this page.

Projects I've worked on:

Tic Tac Toe Social

The classic game implemented on Android using Java. It was made to explore the Google Play Game Services and the platform. Actually, this is an ongoing project (not available yet).

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This website

It uses basic CSS, HTML and Python. The code is hosted and run on the Google App Engine. The script selects the appropriate language based on your IP address and handles messages.

View the code on GitHub

Games of Copyleft Games Group

I was a Grand Prize Finalist in Google Code-in 2012. To earn this, I had to contribute to several open-source games: Hedgewars, Unknown Horizons, Bitfighter and Battle for Wesnoth. Most of my work involved Lua or C++. I learned about testing, Qt, version control systems (svn, hg, git) and refactoring thanks to my many mentors.

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You can send me a message, find me on Google+ or contact me via e-mail.